Market Management System

The market management system is primarily intended for managing the business processes of transmission system operators, but also other electricity market participants (e.g. market operators). The system involves several information systems modules covering different business process segments::

1. Scheduling System

  • Supports ENTSO-e scheduling processes
  • The collection of power plants plans
  • Collection and analysis of reserve plans (primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • Creating power plants operation plan (communication with SCADA system)
  • Load forecast input (operator and market participants)
  • Support for internal and external market participants exchange in D-2, D-1, D processes
  • Harmonization of exchange plans (CAS) with the neighbouring system operators
  • Harmonization of exchange plans (CBS) with the control block operators
  • Monitoring the use of cross-border capacity

2. Crossborder Capacity Management System

  • Supports ENTSO-e ECAN Capacity Management
  • Monitoring NTC/ATC
  • Creating products for the allocation, input and manual capacity usage registration, capacity usage limitations
  • Support for secondary trading (UIOLI, UIOSI)

3. Ancillary Services Management System

  • Manual or automatic internal or external exchange contracts, reserve contracts, reserve activations, exchange of reserve plans between system operators
  • ENTSO-E ERRP Implementation Guide
  • Support for multiple energy exchange markets – prices import
  • Support for user defined formulas for prices calculations from multiple hourly market values and / or coefficients as well as support for different currencies

4. Unintentional Deviations Settlement System

5. Settlement and Reporting

Market Manageme System as a whole covers Market Coupling, Flow Based Market Coupling as well as XBID intraday market processes.