Advanced power system management in conditions of uncertainty arizing from climate changes

“Together to EU funds”

As part of the open call “Increasing the development of new products and services arising from research and development activities – Phase II” for the award of EU grants, an agreement was signed for the project “Advanced power system management in conditions of uncertainty arizing from climate changes  – AACES”.

Project partners:

Adnet d.o.o. (Applicant)

Sveučilište u Zagrebu Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva

Elektrogen d.o.o.


Project information:

Project start 17.08.2020.
Project end 17.08.2023. (industrial research 24 months + experimental development 12 months)

Total eligible costs (HRK): 8.052.482,61
Total grant (HRK): 6.098.694,02

The AACES project aims to improve and modernize the NETVISION platform with cloud SCADA system functions, implement cyber security for facility management in energy networks, introduce predictive network management, RES and active consumers to optimize energy system operation, and include a growing number of RES and new conversion technologies, and based on new tools for meteorological forecasts and forecasts of RES production and consumption. The project will result in a new product, the NETVISION platform, which will improve the way the energy network is managed by introducing condition prediction and predictive management functions, and help ensure the safe and reliable operation of the energy network.

Project goals:

  • Business process management model
  • Interface for connecting business and process systems
  • Web interfaces
  • Improving cyber security
  • OpenADR standard support
  • Optimizations
  • Influence of meteorological variables on the power system forecasts
  • Losses forecasts models
  • Load forecasting models
  • Models for forecasting renewable sources



Boris Golub, tehnical director

Phonet: +385 99 311 6762



Relevant organizations:

European structural investment fonds

European fond for regional development

Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program


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