Adnet d.o.o. develop innovative software for modelling, monitoring and controlling complex networks.  Most notably, the software is deployed at the Croatian electricity hub, the National Dispatching Centre (NDC).


NetVision is our longest standing product: a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system deployed in numerous South East European locations. More about NetVision …

Our approach is applicable both to the energy or any other large-scale networks; as well as to simple process schemata:

  • Gateway comprises the Communication model and the Process model and can be used for large-scale applications, for example, in the NDC. More about Gateway …
  • On the other end of the spectrum, the primary purpose of Converter is introduction of remote control and local supervision at small distribution stations or switchgear. More about Converter …

The Gateway is a stable and flexible basis for value-added functions, e.g. Business Process Management (BPM). More about BPM …


Energy supply is being liberalised throughout Europe… a profitable opportunity that requires an effective Business Management process. ESBM stands for “Energy Supplier Business Manager”. It seamlessly interfaces to your Energy Market Operator and Distribution System Operator, as well as your Customers and your Accounting system. More about ESBM …



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